File Locker

File locker is a utility that has many functions to keep your files safe from prying eyes. Some of the many functions file locker has are:

File Protection

We all have files that we cant afford to lose.

Maybe its that school project or business presentation. It could be that credit card information or your girlfriends birthday. File protector wil prevent your files from being Renamed, Edited, Deleted or Moved without your consent.

That way no virus or person can take away your important files!

File and Folder Locking

We all have files that we dont want our employees, wife/ girlfriend, parents or children to see so with File Locking, you can select up to three levels of security to keep your file inaccessible, everything from a simple lock procedure to a full blown 128-bit (Military grade) encryption engine is available for use!

Secure Delete

Everytime you delete a file, It is not actually deleted, but "flagged" for deletion - meaning all the data remains on your hard drive, but another program may write over it if it wants to, and windows will not recognise it as a file.

But these files can easily be recovered by anyone from a computer forensics guru to a regular person with one of the many available programs.

File locker will magnetically remove your file so that it can never be recovered!

MD5 Grade Encryption

All passwords and sensitive information is stored by file locker using MD5 encryption.

File Locker


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